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We worked really hard on it, we paid for it ourselves, and if you like it, please feel very very encouraged to tell your friends about it, listen to it really loud, and donate a couple of bucks (we suggest five of them) if you're feeling generous! Thanks!


released March 5, 2011

All music performed by the Golden Age of Radio, produced and mastered by Jeff Rosenstock.



all rights reserved


The Golden Age of Radio Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: the Golden Age of Radio - the Con Man's Conversation
If going to heaven means we meet again
With all of our loved ones and our friends
And if they know all the lies I've told
And everyone I've bought and sold is there
God, please - leave me on my own

I'd happily put to pasture all of this
If I could believe that you exist
We're all aware that I tend to boast
You make the bread, I'll steal the toast
But I've never had an urge to re-enlist

And tired, and cold as I may be
Oh, will I ever stop pursuing selfish things?
And blaze a way to altruistic means
'Cause I am standing on a precipice
And questions like this force the choice -
To turn away or leap?

I'm asking you what's been on your mind
All these wasted nights

If giving the ghost up means I see her face
And all that occured can be erased
I know I don't want to be alone
But I won't! I won't! I won't! I won't!
I'm never satisfied with second place
Track Name: I Haven't Been Myself This Past Decade
You beat your fist against your chest
Afraid the hollow there would crack, at best
Shatter at the worst
A silent burst to announce to your friends
Everything that you resent are all the things you represent
You know you did it, and tonight you will repeat it

We are the ones who lost our way
(We are the ones who knew it all)
We have the names you long to say
(We are the ones you're warned about)
Sullen looks from fiery eyes
(Self-defeated battle cries)
You'll never understand what we are thinking

All we know, and all we yearn
Is to find a place to call our own

She said she'd take you to a place you knew
A place you'd feel alright
Tonight you learn the truth
The dreams, they never work out in real life
'Cause this is what happens when it's too good
And this is what follows open doors
This is what happens when the dreams you want the most become yours

And all those stupid writing tricks
And all those metaphors aside
I only want to be with you
I'm hoping you can save my life
Track Name: Thus Spoke Jeff Daniels
Red, red walls and dark brown eyes
And you're telling me you're leaving before I even said goodbye
In between the awkward pause
On the outskirts of applause
I saw the look in your eye

I shouted "I hear that there are bad thing where you're going
Spiders the size of my hard lies and lonely, lonely"
But I meant to say "Stay, please stay"

Limb to limb and lip to lip
And the feeling of lunacy sneaking in my grip
I put down my telephone and crawled my way on home
Don't worry friend, it's just a trip
Track Name: the Golden Age of Radio - the Quiet Things That Everybody Knows
If you want to leave
I will gladly end your suffering
You're free to go
I'm nothing if I'm not a gracious host
Your honor clean
Nothing left to keep you here with me
Your future green
And eager to accept your offerings

But remember why you're here
And the reason that you fall
Don't forget the only one who loves you, dear
It's the feeling you're ashamed
It's the poison in your veins
It's the temporary lull of growing pains

Cut the water green
Fiberglass and cans of gasoline
And raise a toast
To celebrate the son and holy ghost
Bookend the scene
A snowy, lonely cabin so pristine
That old routine
The bubbled tub where we became unclean

You'll be here for the rest of your years
Remember this song when you start to wonder what went wrong
Track Name: the Golden Age of Radio - Don't Trouble Trouble Unless Trouble Troubles You
The Hostess, the Actress
We're so impressed with your tact and gracefulness
So show us your next move
A breakdown, a tendu
How else do you plan to impress us?

I want to turn it off, I want to cough it out
My plan's for approval, but all I keep saying is
"Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!"

So take me home, and take my clothes
Throw them far away so that I can hardly see them
Close enough so that I can quickly go
When you get close
Leave me alone
Just take me home

The heirloom, that black dress
The way she moves is weightless
Held up and pushed right into place
So well constructed
Your posture, your hairdo, mascara
The frown on your porcelain face

I want to say I love you, I swear I do
My plan's for approval, but all I keep feeling is
"Walk away from me! Away from me! Away from me!"

I lost that feeling of lonely when you said you wouldn't stay
In a typical, cyclical fashion I think I threw you away
And I'm not scared to sleep alone
I'm just scared for you to know I prefer to stay awake
Track Name: the Golden Age of Radio - All My Friends From Home Got Fat
I washed my hands of all of these unsightly events
Tore the foundations to sand and to stone
And I resigned my post as poster boy of regret
And ate my meals alone

But you crept like carbon
Through the walls of my apartment
Breathing you in, I did it again
It's so alarming
An empty heart to house a home in
Under my skin

So hold me down, or throw me out
Savor grace

It's just another holiday
It's just like everything you say
It's such a pathetic display

I washed my hands
The lines all blurred
The drain collected every single word

But you moved like arson
Through the walls of my apartment
Burning my skin, you did it again
It's so alarming
An empty heart to house a home in
Under my skin
Track Name: the Golden Age of Radio - Express Train to Bone Zone
Bottles empty, cups are gone
And the guests are finally home
Before we find ourselves inside of the place where we belong
Lights go out, soundproof my mouth
To keep wrong words from coming out
Then we'll work on walls and floors
So we can stifle all your moans

Stop screwing around - we came to get down
We're burning everything else to the ground
A furious fight, wrong or right
I've spent twenty-two years never knowing it could be like this
So you can either join or watch me die

If I could, I would pull all the stars directly from the sky
So they see you like I see you
For what it's worth, it'd be the end of things
To be you - just to be like this
Track Name: the Golden Age of Radio - Ode to Breakfast
If I could just learn to relax
Reduce these heart attacks
Anyone with eyes would notice you across a room
And if I may be bold
Bold enough to fill these pages with praise for you
I'd never have the room, room to write it out
I'll shout it 'till my lungs give out

I want you
I need you
It's what I wanted all along
I want you
I need you

If we're destined to be poor
As so many of us are
There's no one that I would rather eat shoe leather with than you
And if we strike it big
Big enough to fill these lives up with supplies I would
And just as a review, I'm glad to write it out
I'll shout it 'till my lungs give out

We'll call these our lean years
While resting on our laurels
Track Name: the Golden Age of Radio - I'm Addicted to Gambling!
If I could go back up north
Even the score
I'd fall to my knees at your feet, and what's more
I would connect the lines that brought us to rights
And conquer the miles and the perilous heights

Maybe there's better things left to achieve
And distance is never a reason to grieve
But I still believe

Twelve strong in our hotel room
In upstate New York, we were made to believe
That we'd always be young, restless and drunk
And like the beds where we slept we were made and undone
We awoke with the light, pulled back the blinds
With a tangle of legs and half empty bottles of wine
I recall the evening's vice
And an exodus made through the smoke and the dice

I wanted the best, and I found it I guess
But it hurts when I think of how far from the rest
We have flown this time
But your arms are stronger than mine
And the sum of our parts, so much greater than ours
On our own could possibly be
Ready and waiting for me